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Infinite List of Favourite Movies | Sky High (2005)
I’ve done all I can do—I’m not wonder woman you know

i feel bad for not rp’ing as much these past few days but tomorrow is my lil’ sisters birthday & we’re seeing the maze runner and i’ve been tired bc of school and excited because of halloween and yeah, it’s been not that good for my muses

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but was that alive!bellamy in the trailer it looked like alive!bellamy iT BETTER HAVE BEEN ALIVE!BELLAMY/ fuc k

guys i have my hair in this weird twisty hairband thing right now to get overnight curls and i feel like a flapper girl no joke. but yesterday, the socks worked and i had really cute curls overnight, and i’m only doing/testing the headband method for sAM BC I HOPE SHE COMES TO SCHOOL TOMORROW S IGH

but also bc i love that kind of curl to my hair

there’s this girl named sam and she’s super cute & i really like her and she’s a senior and we click so well and i freaking did this curl thing with my hair today and i looked cute but she was aBSENT I CRY LIKE?? I DID THIS TO TRY AND IMPRESS HER TO TRY AND MAKE HER THINK I WAS CUTE BUT NO FATE FU CKS ME OVER NOW I HAVE TO TRY ND DO IT AGAIN I HATE THIS BUT SHE WANTED TO SEE IT SHE WAS SO EXCITED

characters + google

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